Is dune bashing the same in Abu Dhabi and Dubai?

When it comes to visiting UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai prove to the top tourist spots. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai brings out a mix of both lifestyle and tradition of the Arabian culture and tradition. The most inseparable aspect of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is their desert. Various tour operators provide you with various packages and plans of fantastic desert safaris in both the cities.
But the question is, whether you should go for the Abu Dhabi or Dubai confuses the people. For complete guide you can visit- http://www.thedubaideals.com/desert-safari/

Though both provide you with more or less similar kind of experience, it differs in few aspects. So before booking for the one, it’s important to know about it.

Cost of the overall safari

As we all know that dune bashing is a part of the Desert Safari, we are also concerned about the costing. So make sure you get to use every penny you spend on. Though the Abu Dhabi safari trip is a bit costlier than that of Dubai, it provides you with a more sophisticated and better quality service. For Dubai, it arranges for big buses not offering you with door-to-door service, while the Abu Dhabi service provide you with a private better quality vehicle and pick you directly from your place itself.

The Dune Bashing

The dune bashing conducted at Abu Dhabi is more intense and challenging than that of Dubai. It’s is quite more exciting as the dunes flow from a much taller height lasting for more than an hour. While the dune bashing sessions last for a maximum of half an hour in Dubai.
Visitors claim that the quality of the dune buggies is a way to better at Abu Dhabi, providing you with safety standards as per the international standards.
The dune buggies conducted at Abu Dhabi are safe enough carried out in rolled cages, with comfortable bucket seats and the harness holding you tight. The guides are also more professional providing you with safety measures and help you where to ponder enjoying an adventurous ride. The ride through the ups and downs of the sand dunes at Abu Dhabi is a must-activity, ensuring you can enjoy at your zenith as you are in the hands of trained people who are capable to handle the unexpected at ease.

If you prefer quality over penny then opt for the dune bashing experience of Abu Dhabi, and if planning to just get the experience in a pocket-friendly budget, then Dubai is good to go!